V-Tech takes quality seriously, and ensuring that all compounded veterinary medicines are of the best quality possible is a non-negotiable requirement.

To meet this objective, we have invested in the continuous training of our team of pharmacists and veterinary professionals, and have employed world-class, computerised compounding systems and equipment to provide our clients with compounded medication they can trust.

V-Tech takes the following steps to ensure your animal patient is treated with a quality compounded medicine:

  • The Pharmacy Council of South Africa awarded our pharmacies a high ‘A’ grading
  • V-Tech is accredited to train Pharmacist Interns and Pharmacist Assistants in accordance with the Pharmacy Act of 1974
  • All active pharmaceutical ingredients used by V-Tech comply with British, European and USA pharmacopoeia standards and are validated by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) or approved laboratories (SAHPRA)
  • V-Tech boasts a sterile injection filling facility
  • Quality testing of final compounds for purity and microanalysis is conducted prior to dispensing
  • V-Tech holds 9001:2015 ISO accreditation from SGS
  • We employ a full-time Quality Assurance Officer as part of our management team

Stringent quality control measures have enabled us to become the nation’s most trusted compounding pharmacy.

Reach out to us to set up an appointment to tour our state-of-the-art facilities or see how we can support you in caring for your animal patients.

At V-Tech, much trust is placed in us by veterinarians and animal caregivers. That is why we hold important certifications for added peace of mind. 

Certified with:

V-Tech’s prescriptions pharmacy has been awarded a high grade ‘A’ rating and is approved by the Pharmacy Council as a training facility to train Pharmacist Interns and Pharmacist Assistants. 

Want to know more or see a copies of our certficates? Reach out to us and we will gladly assist. 

Csi Initiatives

At V-Tech, we strive to make our CSI efforts tangible in our employees’ everyday lives.

We aim to create opportunities for them, which in the long-term improves our performance as a company for the benefit of our clients, our communities and our environment.

Learn more about our V-Tech Training Academy and V-Tech Foundation here.