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We support veterinarians in the treatment of companion animals, livestock and wildlife by formulating quality veterinary medicines specific to their patient’s needs.

By integrating the expertise of various scientific disciplines, we strive to improve animal health and, consequently, human and environmental health.

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V-Tech Compounding

What is compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding (or patient-specific medicine) is the creation of a custom pharmaceutical product for the unique needs of animal patients. This may be done for several reasons – to change the form of the medication from a solid pill to a liquid, to obtain an exact dose needed or deemed best for a patient, to change the flavour to alter the taste, or to change the texture to make it more acceptable to the patient. Learn more about V-Tech’s compounding service in this explanatory video.

Executive Lounge: Dr Johan Oosthuyse

Dr Johan Oosthuyse, a qualified veterinarian speaks about the largest compounding pharmacy in South Africa.

Our Certifications

At V-Tech, we take the trust placed in us by veterinarians and animal caregivers very seriously.

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