“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education. Those who do not believe this have small imaginations.” – Nelson Mandela.


Applications for financial assistance are open to children of our staff members or service providers who have a close relationship with V-Tech. The following are indications of the criteria/provisions that may apply when selecting a candidate that will receive financial support:

  • Financial position of caregivers
  • Historical academic performance/results
  • Reputation and accreditation of the financial institution
  • Financial support/cost is paid directly to the service provider (third party) and include education cost, books and clothing.

The executive management team decides funding allocations and reviews them annually. Once a student/scholar support program commences, consistent good academic results obtained per quarter are a requirement for continued support. The child and parent must show commitment to obtain acceptable results throughout the program.

“We made education the focus of our Corporate Social Investment program and view this as the basis of a prosperous future, for both individuals and the country”, says Dr Johan Oosthuyse, V-Tech CEO. “We support secondary and tertiary institutional learning. With the high dropout rate due to many reasons, including economic, social and academic, it is imperative that we support our V-Tech family to help individuals to become agents of change in service to their peers, their families and their communities”.

The success of the V-Tech Foundation is evident when children enrolled in the program become successful employees at V-Tech. Such success is Charmain Mampho, who completed her Diploma in Accounting with V-Tech funding and continued to receive a Diploma in Accounting and Financial Computing from Rosebank College. She is currently a full-time employee at V-Tech in the position of Accounts Clerk and continues to study part-time at the University of South Africa for a BCom Accounting and Financial degree.